Frequently Asked Questions

Can I board multiple dogs in one kennel?


        Yes.  Depending on size and at the discretion of management, 2 or 3 dogs may            be housed in the same kennel.  The additional dogs will be charged

        at a discounted rate per day/night.


Do the dogs get out of the kennels during the day?


        Yes.  All dogs will be let out for potty breaks in the early mornings and later                    evenings.  They will also be let out for at least 2 additional play times

        throughout the day time business hours.  They will only be socialized with other            dogs if the customer wants that and will only be exposed to a couple

        other dogs at a time and will be watched closely.


Will there be someone at the facility 24/7?


        No.  There will be someone at the facility during all business hours and addtional          hours throughout every day but there will not be someone on the premises 24/7.          Our facility is protected by security cameras that can be viewed off premises and          is also protected by Nest fire alarm system which in an emergency will alert                  management.


Will our dog have access to outdoors when no one is at the facility?


        No.  Dogs will be kept indoors in their 4'x8' kennel suite.  Staff will visit kennel                early in the morning and late evening and additional weekend times for pet potty          breaks.


Can I drop my pet off at other times not during business hours?


         Yes.  For a $25 fee you can schedule a drop off or pick up after hours.  Those               hours are limited to as follows:  Monday - Friday 8:30am - 8pm, Saturday 9am -           7pm and Sunday 10am - 6pm.  Major holidays will be considered after hours                 and will be charged as such.


Do I bring my pet's food?


         Yes or No.  We recommend you bring your own food for your pet but we will                 provide it if you should forget or would like us to for an extra fee per day per pet.           We currently provide for dogs Diamond Naturals Beef Adult dry dog food.  Cats             will be provided what is available at time of stay.


Will you walk my dog?


         No.  At this time we are choosing to not take your pet off the premises.  The pets           will be encouraged to get out of their kennels at least 2x daily for exercise and               play time, additional to other potty breaks.