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Dog and Cat Boarding 

Your pet can enjoy a vacation of their own with a spacious pet boarding suite, an indoor play area, outside activities and personal interaction.


Dogs are $26.95 per day/night per dog.  If you have 2 dogs that can be kenneled together the second dog is $19.95 per night.  


Cats are $15.95 per day/night.


Doggie Bubble Bath

After a long week of play while you are away on vacation, treat your pet to a nice relaxing bath before you pick them up.  You will both appreciate it!


Regular baths are $19.95


Doggie Flea Bath

Sometimes things just get away from us while planning our vacation, or it is just that time to treat the pests that invade our pets!  Ask us about our flea bath treatment!


Flea baths are $24.95


"Comforts of home" Pet Boarding...

As a devoted pet owner, when we think of traveling, the first thing that comes to mind is "What are we going to do with our pets?".  That is where The Winston Pet Hotel comes in.  Bring them in to meet us, make a plan....then get going on your business trip or vacation knowing someone will care for your pets as their own while you are away!  Simple as that.  Joan & Todd Batstra, Owners/Operators have been in business management for many years and have always been  pet owners.  Leave your pets with trusted members of the community.

Contact us today for your registration package and to schedule your "meet and greet" with the staff at The Winston Pet Hotel.  We would love to have your pet as our guest!

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