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Most likely we will have a litter of Wheatens in a couple of months. We are starting a waiting list

Contact us at info@thewinstonpethotel.com


Call or text us at 

(740) 403-1733



Our miss Phoebe was ready to mate and our plan was Standard Whoodles. However when attempting AI at the Vet with Mr Duff, he did not have many swimmers. We went ahead and used what he had but discussed with vet and decided to try her with our Toy Poodle. She has been inseminated with both Duff and Silas several times. She has the possibility of having both Whoodles and Mini Poodles. Long story short we won’t know what she will have until after birth when we can DNA test.


If interested in either breed please let us know as we have started a waiting list.


Call or text (740)403-1733 or message on Facebook.

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